Ženski modeli 3D

Prikazivanje 1-24 rezultata 35-a

3D Modeli ženske djevojke na Flatpyramid.

A woman is a female or gender person. The word “woman” usually means an adult. And the words “girl” and “girl” are used to designate a child or teenager. In some cases, the word “woman” is used regardless of age. For example, in the expression “women’s rights”. The word “woman” can also mean gender identity, not gender. Usually, a woman from puberty to menopause can give birth to children and breastfeed them. Although some women — in particular, infertile, intersexual and transgender — cannot.

In Western cultures, the concept of “woman” is traditionally defined primarily through biological features. As noted by some researchers, this is due to the special importance that nature attaches to these cultures. On the other hand, in many contexts, the term “woman” means primarily a social group, gender role or gender identity. Although the binary gender system prevailing in the modern world implies a strict correspondence between the gender and gender role. Usually, it’s assigned to a person at birth, in reality, they do not always coincide.

Sa stanovišta genetike, ženski organizam se smatra onom u kojoj je par seksualnih hromozoma predstavljen sa dva X hromozoma. Ovo je u suprotnosti sa muškim organizmom. Ima jedan X hromozom i jedan Y hromozom u kariotipu. Kod žena, jedan X hromozom je nasleđen od majke, a drugi od oca (on prima ovaj hromozom od svoje majke). U većini ćelija odrasle žene, drugi X hromozom je presavijen u takozvano Barr tijelo. Ranije se smatralo da drugi X hromozom nije korišćen. Ali nedavne studije su pokazale da to možda nije slučaj.

3D modeli

On Flatpyramid možete pronaći ženske 3D modele koji su namješteni, animirani

Popular file formats are: obj, fbx, 3ds, max, c4d, lwo, ma, mb, texture

Used for: interiors, animations, scenes, trees vehicles